Healthy Africans Platform is an organization that aims to effectively slow the spread of infectious diseases and prevalence of non-infectious diseases by disseminating health information to Africans. Health education offered by the organization is divided into different categories which include; children health, diet & nutrition, hygiene & sanitation, infectious diseases and non-infectious diseases.

The organization aims to build a new generation of healthy Africans through different initiatives under each of the categories of health education that will create a well-structured curriculum that can be easily understood and taught in secondary schools across Africa and further establish healthy Africans club in each of these schools for sustainability. Thereby help in achieving the sustainable development goal 3 (improved health and well-being) and indirectly contributing to improve education (SDG2)

“For he who has health has hope; and he who has hope, has everything” – Owen Arthura



To increase knowledge and awareness of Africans about healthy living.



To create a healthier continent where all Africans are well informed about healthy lifestyle.


Through short module courses:

  • We are set to educate students about important public/global health issues
  • We are set to educate Africans about healthy living through our website, social media and other forms of virtual communication.

Through mentorship

  • We are set to train students and young Africans to become advocates of healthy lifestyle

Through charity projects

  • We are set to increase access to treatments for less privilege
  • We are set to educate rural communities in their local dialects and provide incentives
  • We are set to implement projects that will improve quality of health and well-being of Africans

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