Alcohol 002: A Poison We Feast On

Before reading this article, kindly read the previous post on alcohol and various diseases it may cause.

When not to drink

In order to reduce harm caused by alcohol drinking, it is important to know some conditions when drinking is highly discouraged.

When pregnant

While driving

When treating certain health issues like diabetes mellitus, hypertension etc

When operating on a heavy machine

When on medication

When depressed

Reducing alcohol intake also reduces the harm.

The following are measures to maintain a low alcohol intake

  • Eat before drinking
  • Set a drinking limit and follow strict
  • Take drinks with low alcohol content
  • Measure the amount of alcohol intake daily and weekly
  • Be contented and learn to say “No”
  • Avoid drinking alone


Everyone has a role to play in preventing alcohol intake

Role of individual

  • Abstinence i.e do not try it!
  • Avoid keeping company with alcoholics
  • Confidently reject offer for alcohol

Role of society and government

  • Raising awareness of health effects of drinking
  • Formulation of policies that restrict access to alcoholic drinks
  • Increasing taxation and price on alcohol
  • Regulate marketing of alcohol by placing restrictions on advertisement and promotions on alcoholic drinks
  • Providing proper health facilities for treating alcohol addicts and other related conditions of substance abuse

In conclusion, you and I have a role to play in controlling the intake of this poison we feast on in our community. Do not forget that about 3 million people lose their lives because of alcohol intake yearly. That’s equivalent to population of Guinea-Bissau, Mauritius and Djibouti combined. Isn’t that worthy of our concerns? ACT NOW!

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