Avoid living a sedentary lifestyle during the Covid19 pandemic

It is no news that the coronavirus pandemic has limited most parts of the country to lockdown.
This has resulted  to little or no physical activity for most people, schedules that embodied high amount of fat burning have been easily converted to wake-eat-watch movies-sleep cycles which is typical of a sedentary lifestyle.
What is a sedentary lifestyle?, According to Wikipedia, A sedentary lifestyle is a type of lifestyle involving little or no physical activity. A person living a sedentary lifestyle is often sitting or lying down while engaged in an activity like reading, socializing, watching television, playing video games, or using a mobile phone/computer for much of the day.

A sedentary mode of life has been a global health problem as it is a major risk factor for various diseases, some of which may include

1.Obesity: because the body can’t break down fat there is risk for overweight and obesity in children, adolescents and adults alike
2. Adult onset diabetes (inefficiency of the body to regulate blood sugar level)
3. Cardiovascular diseases (most especially hypertension which is in itself a major risk for other cardiac events)

A lifestyle of high physical inactivity has also been found to play a negative effect in the mental health of the average human often leading to depression and anxiety.
The only solution is to imbibe an exercise filled daily activity. Indoor exercises may include but not limited to



3. dancing

4. stair climbing

5. Lunges

6. Push-ups

7. Jumping jacks

8. Reverse fly

9. Glute bridges

10. Yoga

Some of these exercises may seem novel to you so do well to watch YouTube videos to know how to do them.

Stay home, stay safe

Stay home, stay fit by exercising as much as you can


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