Healthy living has been underestimated in our society today and due to this non chalant attitude, a lot of lives has been lost.

Are you ready to be the CHANGE in your society?,
Are you ready to make a SOCIAL IMPACT in your society?.
This is a call for for volunteers to join the HEALTY AFRICANS PLATFROM🤝🏾

Healthy Africans platfrom is an organisation founded to increase knowledge and awareness of Africans about healthy living.
The organisation offers short module courses📝, mentorship👩‍💼 and projects which aims to educate & train young Africans to promote healthy living👫.

Integrity, Committment, Advocacy, Futuristic and youth-led are our core values in the smooth operation of the organisation📈

If you want to be a part of the organisation, kindly fill the form.

Facebook: Healthy Africans

Deadline : 20th September, 2020

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