Substance Abuse Initiative

Substance abuse initiative is the first community project by Healthy Africans Platform and aims to increase knowledge and awareness of students and teenagers in Ibadan city and environ about substance use in a bid to reduce the prevalence in the state.


Substance Abuse :The Science of Your Addiction

In the beginning, substance abuse and addiction had a dangerous tango. Now look around, you can see them (substance abuse and addiction) hip to hip, still swaying together. Substance abusers turned addicts. Addicts turned substance abusers.  Despite this, a line still exists between substance abuse and addiction. Substance abuse happens when substances are either not …

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Webinar 1.0

Hi Guys!😊 Have you joined the upcoming webinar page yet?🤔 We have an interesting topic to discuss: Prevention of Substance Abuse: What Works, What Doesn’t. Speaker – Mr. Seye Omiyefa (Oyo State Coordinator, ISSUP Nigeria) 🗓️ Saturday, 14th November, 2020 ⏰ 4pm (WAT) 📍 Zoom Join us here – Also, like❤️ & share♻️ our …

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Substance Abuse Facts📚

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Substance abuse initiative

Launching the Substance Abuse Initiative

On hearing about substance abuse, most people think to the use of illegal drugs, unbeknownst to them that several medications (analgesics like aspirin or antitussives like dextromethorphan) when taken recklessly, have a negative impact on the body and mind. According to the WHO, Substance Abuse is the harmful use of psychoactive drugs or chemicals i.e …

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