Welcome To Healthy Africans Platform

Congratulations for being among few people who contribute to establishment of this great initiative and on a path to know more about healthy lifestyle.

We are glad to finally launch this website which is hoped to be one of the largest movement in Africa that aimed at bridging the knowledge gap about healthy lifestyle. This platform started as a dream when a young Nigerian realized that many people including the rich and poor, old and young, literate and illiterate, know little or nothing about their health which has resulted in several illnesses and deaths which could be prevented. Therefore, decided to create a platform – Healthy Africans Platform.

About Healthy Africans Platform

Healthy Africans Platform is an online platform created to educate Africans about preventive measures that can be taken in order to live a healthy lifestyle. Africa is heavily inflicted with several diseases – both infectious and non-infectious, resulting in high mortality rate in the black nations. Healthy Africans Platform, through health education, aims to effectively slow the spread of infectious diseases and prevalent of non-infectious diseases. The platform is created to disseminate health information to everyone with special focus towards Africans via the internet.

Registered members on the website can submit article and read published articles about living a healthy lifestyle. Articles published on the website are grouped into different categories which include: children health, diet & nutrition, hygiene & sanitation, infectious diseases and non-infectious diseases. Other information about health and the organisation will be published under the category named “News Updates”. Members can also share articles on different social media to their friends.

Besides, Healthy Africans Platform (HAP) aim to expand its scope by employing other means of communication such as billboard, TV, radio, magazine and even oral during outreaches or other events. Also, training of secondary school students will be organized in order to inform the young generation about importance of healthy living and how to live such.

“For he who has health has hope; and he who has hope, has everything” – Owen Arthur

Our Vision

To make Africa the healthiest continent through health education that emphasize on preventive measures for living a healthy lifestyle

Our Mission

To educate Africans about how to live a healthy lifestyle to prevent diseases and untimely death through every means of communication possible.

At least two different articles will be posted weekly. Each article can be read within 3 – 5mins to avoid boring readers. Meaning, by sparing 10 minutes weekly, you can learn how to live longer and healthier.

Also visit our YouTube channel to watch videos relating to article posted. Follow us on our social media handles to get notified of any post. Stay safe, stay healthy and stay wealthy.

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